Small Bathroom Declutter and Organization (drawers and medicine cabinet)

After decluttering and reorganizing the Small Linen Closet that's in my daughter’s bathroom, I moved on to the drawers and medicine cabinet.

Since it’s my teen daughter’s bathroom, she made all the decisions as far as what to get rid of. She is pretty good at decluttering as she has been practicing those skills as she has grown. I made the decisions as far as how to organize what she wanted to keep.

Here's my process in summary:


Get rid of those never going to use lotions and potions and even half-used bottles that you know you don’t want to use anymore. Throw away expired makeup, nail polish, and spa masks, rusty razors, broken tools, and that one too many hair tools and brushes.


Decide what items will go in each drawer and cabinet:

  • Lotions

  • Makeup

  • Hair Tools

  • Dental


Now it’s time to put like items together. Drawer organizers work great in bathrooms because a lot of items are small and they will separate yet contain them nicely.

Enjoy this video on my YouTube channel to see my process in more detail!

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Small Bathroom Declutter and Organization (Drawers & Medicine Cabinet)

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