Small Linen Closet Declutter and Organization

I decluttered and reorganized the Small Linen Closet that's in my kids' bathroom. Since my son moved on to college, my teen daughter now has a whole bathroom to herself. (yippee! she says) There's a built-in linen closet in this small space. And so it was the right time to declutter and organize as we transitioned the whole bathroom to suit her needs.


Basically, I got rid of a lot of old towels that were pretty much dingy after years of use. (The local pet shelter is a great place to donate towels.) I kept most of the same items in here like the white tablecloths I use constantly for parties that I host in my home. And we like to party - from small dinners of 6 to large parties of 60!

I decluttered all the bed sheets, keeping only one king size set and one queen size set as back ups. The guest room houses its own linens on the top shelf of the closet, which is also one queen size set.

Towels are also color coded and separated per household member. I've gone back and forth a couple times through the years to color coded towels and then back to all white towels. But the towels were always two per person - one in use during the week and one ready to go when the used one is in the wash. 


Since this space was decluttered (even more since last time), she has a whole shelf to herself for her towels, wash cloths, and large clear jars for bath salts and magnesium flakes, which she uses to pamper her skin. She loves the convenience and spa feel of these jars.

Here's my process in summary:


Get rid of those dingy towels, torn sheets, non-used linen napkins and tablecloths, and half-used bottles of lotions and potions so that you can make room for the spa you've always wanted.


Decide what items will go on each shelf. These shelves are zoned as:

  • Chair Covers

  • Tablecloths

  • My Daughter's Shelf

  • Towels and

  • Sheets


Now it's time to put these items in a particular order.


Since I have already decided the zones for this Small Linen Closet, I can arrange each shelf in more detail. For example, the Towels zone has her face towels in one basket and my husband's and my extra bath towels in the basket next to it.

Her Shelf zone has her towels on the left and the spa jars to the right.

Enjoy this video on my YouTube channel to see my process in more detail!

Make it simple & special,

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And still she slept an azure-lidded sleep, In blanched linen, smooth, and lavender’d.
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Small Linen Closet Declutter and Organization